Thursday, 18 April 2013

Mr Teddy Evaluation.

Mr Teddy Title Sequence.

Feedback and re-shooting.

After getting the feedback from the class and from Leanne we decided to re-film our title sequence in the easter holidays. We wanted to improve on the acting and the location considering a lot of the filming was done in school and it was obvious in some scenes.

 On Thursday 11th April we filmed our title sequence again. We ensured our protagonist seemed stereotypical by giving him a smart suit to wear. We wanted to make the whole title sequence have stereotypical spy features so we ensured we involved guns, women (who gave him his drink) and also we wanted to make him seem like a 'ladies man' therefore we had him do a couple seductive winks at the camera.

We wanted the new title sequence to be more humorous then our last one and so we made the main character seem clumsy in some scenes for example we made him seem like he couldn't handle the gun he was using, we made him do funny actions when he shot including him hurting himself and we also made him do things which included him hiding behind a thin tree which was clearly to small for him.

I feel like filming on Thursday was incredibly successful as we got every shot we needed done. I feel like this new title sequence has improved a lot and I feel that we have improved on all the negatives we were given during the feedback.

Thursday, 14 February 2013


This is the feedback we got from the class after we showed our sequence. One of the main comments were that the audience didn't understand what the film would have been about, after receiving the feedback we decided we agreed with this because we obviously new what the film was about so we didn't really take that on board as much when making the title sequence. And the other main comment was that the music was suitable, we did like this comment because we had worked hard analyzing other  music to try and find the perfect one to our title sequence.

Friday, 1 February 2013


This video shows me, Nicola and Louise explaining the difficulties we encountered and how we over come them.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Transition research.

Johnny English

  • The Johnny English title sequence had text which comes onto the screen for a certain amount of time, long enough for the audience to read it and then it moves to the side as it is running of the screen. I think this suits the genre of the film really well, in my opinion it could resembles chasing after someone, speed and action.

James Bond - Quantum Of Solace

  • In the title sequence for Quantum Of Solace the text comes up which relate to the type of film, each letter moves slowly yet swiftly, not all the letters come up at once some pop up before overs which make it kind of look like codes and riddles. This reflects on the film.

Mission Impossible

  • When the text in the opening title sequence comes up for Mission Impossible it has the text running through the background and also text in front coming towards you. The behind text seems like it is running away some how and represents the action and the text in front seems like its coming towards you like its going to get you, it also seems like it is closing in on itself.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Transition ideas.

For some ideas for the transition we decided maybe we could have the text appear on the screen for a while and then speed off the screen, I feel this would be a good idea as part of the film could involve 'Mr teddy' being on the run or running after people considering he is a spy it also represents the action genre.

Another one could be it bouncing around because its fun and would be a fun feel to the film although there could be a problem of it not being able to be seen by it moving too much.

One more could be the text fading in and out although I would find this a bit boring and I don't think it would reflect on the film other then maybe the villain hiding from Mr Teddy himself, I don't think its fun or will reflect on the theme.